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Crunchy pop goodness in every listen!


released June 24, 2010

music samples from jamstudio.com. guitars, vocals by S.J. Bintliff. Produced and Engineered by S.J. Bintliff

2 computers were harmed in the making of this album. I'm very sorry.



all rights reserved


3minute pop songs Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Drama with you
why we keep having this conversation over and over again is beyond me/ I don't have to get your approval or permission over what I do or who I see/ Yeah we used to be together all the time and you know I'd like to think we're friends/ but I can't allow you to tell me what to do with my life now, no not again/ I don't want to start any drama with you, but I know what i want/ I'm not going to let you make it all about you/ Cause you know that it's not/ You like to control and manipulate your friends into being what you want them to be/ It took awhile to realize all the things that you were doing to my friends and to me/ I just want to let you know / Now I've got to let you go/ Listen now I've made my choice/ Do I have to raise my voice?
Track Name: Timberline
falling down with you it was so easy
it didn't hurt so bad
what I want to know is
how can I hang onto you when you're letting go?

Timberline, I find that every thing is an uphill climb
I can't get up and I can't descend and I need you to pick me back up again

climbing up with you was an adventure
I never felt so alive
But what I need to know is
How can I hang onto you when you're letting go

Timberline, you're mine
I never thought you'd let me fall behind
I've fallen down and I'm lost again and I need you to pick me back up again

Timberline, so fine
but every trip was a waste of time
I've fallen so far won't take that trail again
I won't need you to pick me back up again
Track Name: Black black hole
Gravity overtakes you....You get these thoughts inside your head/ They keep your light from shining through/ The weight of every word that's said/ Dark forces closing in on you/ you collapse into yourself/ you collapse into yourself/ Don't collapse into yourself like a black black hole / you go into that darkened room, where nothing else gets through/ the wall begin to close in on you/ Now there's nothing you can do / I really want to see your light shine / I'm reaching out to pull you free from the blackness in your soul/ Reach out and then absorb the light / Expose us to your glow
Track Name: A lot like you
In you I see such an angry young man who's got so much to prove. / I know it's hard but if you let some things go you will see those mountains start to move./ I used to be a lot like you but I have grown and now I'm wise and so much stronger too/ I used to be a lot like you but now I see how I was blind to what I've turned into / They say it's time to act like everyone else you need to start acting more like your age. / Well everyman has to make that choice, but what will you do with all that rage?
Track Name: As I am
Yeah, I'm no good at reading minds and I don't read between the lines I guess