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4-song 2011 EP


released July 2, 2011

instrument samples by Jamstudio.com. Guitars, keyboards, percussion samples, vocals and noise by S.J. Bintliff



all rights reserved


3minute pop songs Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: What you're getting (into)
So you want to change the world? Now the easy part is done - it's time to think it through.

Who really runs the world? Part of the conspiracy, they keep on screwing you and me.

You, you don't know what you're getting into -
'cause they don't have a conscience
Left is Right and Upside Down in broken pieces on the ground.
You, you don't know what you're getting into - before they take your Soul away...
You won't see what you've become, or how the dirty work gets done.

Yeah you just might change the world. Lot's of others before you got lost along the way.

You really need to know yourself. You'll see your mirrored face one day and wonder where you lost your way.

You'll forget where you came from. They'll tear you down before they're done. They don't care about the cost of every broken dream they've lost. You can't change them, don't you try. Or waste your time in wondering why. Many more that came before you got lost along the way.
Track Name: Open
Welcome to my room. Can you feel that sense of doom as I put my back up against the floor.
The tv's on inside, and we all take a side, but I don't feel like I care anymore.

Truth and Lies wear the same disguise, but you never can be scared unless you open your eyes.

Welcome to my job. I feed an angry mob and give them answers anytime they call.
So I take happy pills to help me pay my bills and not feel much of anything at all.

How did we get this far?
Track Name: Be like you
Can I friend you on Facebook? Can I follow your tweets? I know you're the kind of person that I wish I could meet. They keep blogging about you but I know it's not true. And when I am rich and famous I will be just like you.

You're so cool - everybody here wants to be like you. Everyone I know wants to be like you.

I don't know why you're famous but it don't bother me - see, I'm never one to question what they put on TV. I'll put in the time patiently standing in line because I know it'd be worth it just to see what you're like.

And in no time at all look what the media brings! Now we only pay attention to the next coolest thing. You can return to a life that was whatever before, but whatever we took from you we don't want no more.

(don't you worry 'bout the marketing - we just moved on to the next big thing)
Track Name: the distance
Tell me are you listening? Seems like you're already gone. And it feels like there's nothing I could do or say that could ever right this wrong. I used to think that we'd overcome. Now we both struggle just to find a place to be what we've become.

It's the distance between us that disturbs me most.
and you know I would die for you if I could be your ghost.
So can you tell me something I don't already know?
Now I don't want to fight with you, but I'm ready to go.

Now it may sound cold, but I'm finished with lies.
And I see things for what they are now, guess I've finally opened up my eyes.
One more thing to say - that you ought to know.
Whatever I still am to you now - I don't care - I just won't let you go.